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Collection -- NCO -- AND Original Creditor Charge OFF


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Hello. Two Part Question.

NCO collection for BOA:

It appears NCO is collecting for Bank of America. They have not found me. I am in Texas. I have had no phone calls, no letters, nothing.

Date of last payment to BOA: May 2005.

SOL in Texas 4 years which seems to me to be April 2009 or roughly four months from today.

Debt with interest and whatever they add has grown from $5K in 2005 to $8K now.

BOA shows a charge off and a zero balance. Does this mean NCO has bought the debt ? Does this matter anyway?

My attorney said sit tight, do nothing and pray for SOL to pass without suit.

Is this good advice?

I am looking for a new job and clearly this is a problem.

And ... then if SOL passes I will continue to have the negative BOA tradeline.



I had four delinquencies and paid off three in settlement. The four continue to remain exclusively on Equifax under the names of the original creditors.

I have contacted Equifax and the four have been confirmed.

Should I send a letter to the original creditor tradelines which have been settled and show "Charge Off" and "Zero Balance."

The creditors are: Chase, Chase and Universal that show "Charge Off" and "Zero Balance." BOA shows that as well -- but there has been no attempt to settle with the collection agent, NCO.

Is there any hope to get the settled original creditor entry of: "charge off" and "zero balance" off Equifax?

I am so sad to need a job to pay bills and bills are keeping me from the job.

Can you help?

By the way == I have had great success in getting these removed from TransUnion.

Equifax is much harder. Is this typical?

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Part One: I do not know if NCO collects for BofA or not others will though. It is likely though NCO has purchased your debt, take advice of your attorny and lay low!

Part Two: All you can do is dispute TL on EQ, as they age chances are better, look for any discrepancy in way it is reported and dispute those. As for TU they are either marshmellow push overs or sted fast PITA, only explanation seems to be moon phase and wind direction, though that has yet to be scientificly proven at this point.

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Dear Texas Wahoo:

Thank you for your post.

I am thinking of sending a letter to CSS for each of the three TL's.

I was thinking an individual letter for each one.

Someone on one post had mentioned using one credit reporting agency against the other.

I thought I would note that TransUnion did not have these listed ... so CSS/Equifax MUST be mistaken?

Does this sound like a good way to proceed?

Or just contact Chase and Universal and dispute the report?

I so much need these off -- to get a better job.


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I doubt playing one against another would do much for you as they seem to play the so what game but you never know. You might try a req from OC's a 623 investigation but you will need to tell them what you want an investigation of. If by chance they cant or won't provide that gives some leverage. You would have to dispute with CRA's first.

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"...need a job to pay bills and bills are keeping from the job..."

What swirlgirl said...

When you apply, read the authorization paragraph carefully and refuse to allow your credit report to be pulled. Tell potential employers up-front that you have bad credit and that if THAT is going to prevent you from being hired that they should save themselves the expense and save you the inquiry. Take control of the process and don't let credit issues stop you from getting ahead.

"...using one credit reporting agency against the other..."

Beware of listening to 'someone'. They may not know what they're talking about. The CRA's are business competitors. You can't leverage one CRA's info against the other two.

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I am sorry, but who ever wrote that I should tell the employer not to pull my report ... I hope is joking.

Yes, I am experienced in warning my employer about my credit and explaining it and that does help.

However, for this job, bad credit cannot be explained and is not acceptable.

Please, anyone that can tell me how to get the "Charged Off" and "Zero Balance" deleted ... thank you in advance.

I have in fact DV'd the CRA and now believe I need to work through the original creditors.

BTW, Equifax/CSS now has an online dispute forum and I did do that yet again. The dispute process worked very well with TransUnion. I only wish it had worked that well with Equifax/CSS.

Wahoo suggested the 623 investigation with the OC. I am working on that now ... but wonder the reason for Chase and Universal. They probably are ''charged off' and the CRA does accurately show a "zero balance."

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Charge off and $0 balance DOES mean the debt has been sold. Nothing you can to to remove that...but...by itself, its not really much of a negative. If the junk debt buyer (JDB) NCO is reporting, you could dispute that, but, it will bring you to their attention. Not something you want to do. In fact, disputing anything on your reports may get there attention...most of the larger JDBs have "notification" accounts with the CRAs so that they get alerted when their is activity on your reports.

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Thank you WTC.

I have just prepared the FCRP investigation letter for the three original creditors.

I do note that you stated 'there is nothing you can do.'

I do hope the investigation request might find some missing records or voids in the chain that would keep them from confirming these 'write offs.'

I still have the BIG ONE which is the BOA debt in the hands of NCO.

And I still have these collections on a report being reviewed by an employer.

I do hope I could be as successful with Equifax as I have been with Transunion in getting these off.

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My certified letters have arrived at the offices of the original creditors.

I settled with them and my tradelines with them show a zero balance and a charge off status on Equifax.

My disputes with Transunion were successful in getting these removed two years ago. However, I have not been so successful with Equifax.

Do the original creditors have a period of time in which they must respond?

Is that period of time thirty days?

Is getting this off my credit report -- the charge off and zero balance just hopeless at this point?


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