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Cap 1: Hearing for Motion for Leave to File Answer was Weird


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Hi gang,

Thought I'd bring you up to date on the 'Cap 1' case. I submitted a motion for Leave to File Answer that was heard. The attorney was a 'no show'.

I was called and stood there. Judge just hung his head looking at papers, never addressed or even looked at me. Then the clerk approached and asked me if I wanted a Leave.

I piped up: 'Excuse me'.

The judge looked at me and said 'yes'.

I continued: 'Am I opposed today'.

The judge looked around and said 'No'.

I said: 'Then I move for dismissal for lack of prosecution.'

The judge hung his head back down and looked at the paperwork some more. After nearly a minute passed he said 'Denied'.

Then, after another period he said 'I'm granting you 20 days more to Answer.'

I was stunned. I asked for 90 or at least 60 in my motion. The motion was UNOPPOSED and he still wouldn't grant it.

I was so disgusted he denied both unopposed motions that I turned my back and walked out. It felt like he was on Cap 1's payroll.

Now I'm working on the Answer...

notagain xxheartxx

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