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Haunted by an old mortgage

Guest floydart1958

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Guest floydart1958

The particulars are as follows :

loan type: conventional real estate mortgage

remarks: closed. maximum delinquency of 120+ days in 11/2005

balance :$0

date verified : 11/2005

high balance : $875,000

past due : $0

terms : $7,996 for 30 months

pay status : 120 days past

date opened : 11/2001

date closed : 11/2005

date paid : 10/2005

The loan went into foreclosure status in 2002 , whereby we were given a forebearance agreement which was perfectly honored. The loan was refinanced and pay in full 10/2005. we are no longer doing business with this bank and their reporting is a "drag" on our FICO. advice please.

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