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Spousal Identity Theft


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I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but I'm trying to help a friend who is a victim of spousal identity theft...

His wife forged his name on a credit card application with a credit line of 10,000.00. He found out about the card when he received a letter in the mail from the collection agency that the debt was turned over to.

It was at this time that he questioned his wife and she came clean about forging his name on the application and the spending of 10,000.00.

The collection agency is willing to settle with him for 5900.00, but of course, he doesn't have this amount of money.

I advised him to first of all, fill out a police report about the identity theft and then file an affidavit with the FTC. Request debt validation and ask for the original contract plus all statements to be sent to him. Once this info is received, dispute the debt as not being his due to his being a victim of identity theft.

Was there anything I missed or did I give him bad advice? He is reluctant to file the police report and the report with the FTC because he doesn't want to throw his wife under the bus. My response was that she has thrown you under the bus, the train and put you six feet under...

Some advice on what he should do would help...

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