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CRAs' lazyness and incompetence


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I have a TL on my EQ and EX reports that was reporting different amounts. EQ was hung at $1229 since March. EX had been reporting a lower balance each month, accurately reflecting my paying down the balance to $500.

I requested a letter stating my correct balance from the creditor. The letter I received stated my correct balance was $489 as of the date of the letter. I thought perfect, I'll send this to EQ and once and for all get them to report the accurate info.

Upon receiving my letter, EQ noted the TL as "Disputed". I just received the results dated 4 days after my dispute that the creditor has verified to EQ that the balance is being reported correctly. Now I'm pissed.

Not only did the creditor verify the balance with EQ, but they changed the balance reported to EX to $1229.

Just called EQ who admitted my documentation (I called it the evidentiary letter) was not sent with my dispute to the creditor. They opened a new dipute and are sending the letter with the dispute this time.

Now I have to straighten out EX.

Thank you for reading this post. I posted this info to vent and vent alone. If anyone can glean valuable info from it, all the better.

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