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I got a reply from the CA

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Hello everybody I'm happy to have joined!

I have been succesful on my last disputes except for this Collection Agency, can someone help me?.

The CA wants additional info from me in order to finalyze my dispute saying they are delaying my dispute due to insufficient information. They want the specific information I dispute an explanation of the basis of my dispute and all documentation to substanciate my dispute copy of my license or my passport and my phone number. Do I need to give them this? They are stalling. They changed names three times the collection agency already removed them by their old name from my credit report. should I send them a follow up validation letter threatening to sue?

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I would not give them one single thing. It is their responsibility to prove the validity of any debt. this is an old tactic to get as much info from you as possible, don't fall for it.

If they can not validate the debt based on the info that they have on hand, they have no legal right to collect, period!

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I had a computer issue and I am just now getting back online. Thanks for your response!

Should I now send tham a more threatening letter for stalling? Telling them to use what they have? and if they don't have enough information why would they try to collect a debt from me and report me to the CRA's. Should I threaten civil action at this point?



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