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Christmas arrived at the shop....finally got a card too


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Well for starters I finally got a card yesterday, hand delivered by the president of the bank...he was also bringing me a platter of cookies....UMMMM and yes I did share them. Luke loves the shop and is impressed with my business. So we had a cup of coffee and cookies first thing Wednesday morning...It was nice. I asked if he gave cookies to all his customers or was I just special....He said I was special and it was for the huge box of toys donated at my shop from my customers and myself...I was happy.

Then after Luke left, Mike came in...he is a customer too, and I always give him advice to fix his computer. He is a very nice guy who has a Christmas tree farm. He came in with fresh Wreath for me. I hung in in the shop, it is beautiful. He also thanked me for helping his Mom with her computer. She has an eye disease and is losing he vision. I helped her find a reading machine and turned on some handicapped software for her so she can still use the computer.

After Mike left, Beth came in. She had a problem with her computer last week and I stopped by on my way home and fixed it in 2 seconds...I could not take any money from her. It did not take long and it was no trouble....sBeth lost her husband a few months ago...she bought me a nice tin of Fudge...She is a very sweet lady.

Wow what a day, I went to class wednesday night and shared the cookies with the guys in welding class....what good is a gift if I don't share.

Today I got a special gift I ordered for a customer. I was so happy it arrived on time. The all his wife wanted was a Wii Fit...I found one for him on Ebay and it arrived today. He will pick it up tomorrow.

We are having an ice storm right now, so I left the shop early and came home to find a cooler from Omaha Steaks on the porch....It was from my sissie...I just love suprises.

So far so good, I feel very special right now because I feel like I do good things to help people and it's nice that it's noticed.

I really needed to feel some Christmas magic....Stay tuned for tomorrow...I'm still expecting a Secret Santa gift and the suspense is killing me....;)

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