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Debt never validated received summons

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Hello one and all.

Received a collection notice 6 months ago regarding a fender bender I was in for 1000. Having seen the scratches I requested validation CRRR. Never received anything further from the CA. However, six months has passed and I have now received a summons to district court on the matter. Appparently the CA sent it back to the OC and they retained counsel. I have my letters and green card sent to the CA. Will this provide an absolute defense when i answer the summons or because they are not an CA they are held harmless by the FDCPA. If I can, I really want to hit em with the $1,000 FDCPA countersuit for pursuing collection activity while never providing validation. Your help is most appreciated!!


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Probably thought they would were dealing with the typical uninformed consumer and gave it a shot.

Weird thing is it was a friend's car and she was served but I have never received anything about it, though she says I was joint on the suit.

Not having received anything would give me grounds to vacate at a future point wouldn't it?

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