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Dillards (another GEMB) CLD

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Well I reported on my Chevron CLD recently - my scores are higher than ever and I'm PIFing everything each month. Life is good and then Chevron hits me w/ the CLD. I then proceeded to watch Dillards closely (my only other GEMB card) and it was still at $1000.

Of course it was. Until I actually went to Dillards for the first time since July and attempted to use the card to make a $237. purchase.

The sales lady called customer service and let me talk to them. I was told the CLD (to $100!! LMAO) was due to not using the card. I said, "well I want to use it now and I'm here waiting to buy - so how about it?" Sorry, nothing she could do.

GEMB sucks.

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