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what's everyone up to? I'm bored here....


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I didn't even work today. I had to go to walmart and deal with the photo people for two hours. Actually, the dept. manager was extremely helpful.

I had ordered a calender in November, to give to my grandmother for Christmas. It's the kind where you upload photos and choose your layout, etc etc. I spent two hours on that project and was happy that it was done. Until it came in and I noticed a big a$$ advertisement on the 13th month. That was not acceptable to me, especially since I paid almost $18.00 for it and did all the work of arranging the pictures. So the manager sends it back to the lab to correct it and replace the ad with a photo. We wait. It comes back in and the ad was still there.

Yesterday, she made sure that I was refunded the money. Since I didn't want to send the calender back, we "improvised" a little. I brought in some pictures, we selected one and she enlarged it and we used a black piece of construction paper to cover up the ad and then place the pictures on top. After two hours of trying to get this done, we were finished and I walked out with a free calender, two 8 x 10's, two 5 x 7's and a wallet size picture. I was happy.

So then I get a call from my attorney's assistant. Spent half an hour on the phone with her and am now trying to get some other stuff done. I never even worked today, because I got an email from my supervisor saying that she had found someone to cover for me today. Yay! I'll definitely have to work tomorrow tho. No excuses there!

So, I've got dinner in the oven waiting to get done and I'm bored. What's everyone else doing?

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Trying to make today a better day than yesterday. Yesterday was a cesspool of stress and I didn't handle it well. Today's a new day. I can move on from yesterday's mistakes.

Also trying to transform the place we live from clutter-filled to nice and comfortable. We have stuff here we have not looked at for six years. To the dump to the dump to the dump dump dump....

That's one of my New Years Resolutions. I'm finally tired of living in clutter. I want the place sleek and clean. Husband is worse than I am but when the kids and I clean up our junk and throw it out, he gets motivated, too. He got rid of cases and cases of record albums - just gave them away - so he's on the right track. Now he'll have to admit all the comic books and other assorted junk he's collected is not really "collector" grade and get rid of the stuff that is choking us out of house and home.

Anyone else have this for a goal? Martha Stewart we are not. But we can at least make it to "dorm room - neat" grade.

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Oh I can definitely relate. I have "stuff". I'm bordering on the clutter line. I've managed to get rid of many things, thanks to craigslist, but my mother always manages to send more "stuff" up to my house.

This should be another New Year's resolution for me. My basement - well, I won't go down there. Not since my washer broke, so I have no need to be down there. My garage... well that's a whole other monster. I have enough room to walk around in there, but that's about it. If I need something I can't reach, I pull the broom out and smack the object off the shelf with it. LOL I'm funny.

The girls have a play room which looks like three cyclones hit it. I have told them over and over, Santa won't bring new toys unless they go through the stuff they have now and get rid of what they no longer play with. I gave up on that threat. They still aren't getting as much this year as they did last year, but that's okay. Less **** in here to have to deal with.

By the way CP, I'm originally from MD. I transplanted myself in PA just about 12 years ago. I grew up in Baltimore county - no not any particular area, I've literally lived all over that county. I didn't stray too far across the Mason-Dixon line :-)

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Just relaxing, really. This year my family only bought presents for my nephew, so it was actually nice to only have to buy one Christmas presents. It feels a little strange, but I'm glad my family can get together and laugh :).

I'm finishing up the last season of Dexter and reading the book, "The Book of Joe".

Everyone enjoy the Christmas holidays and the New Year! I'm off to Jamacia!

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Too much coffee = too much poo LOL!

The girls are getting out of school early today for some teacher in-service thing and then they are off on Monday. I'm just sitting here on my butt until I have to go to the bus stop. I am contemplating laying down for an hour, but that will only make me more tired than I already am. I did do two loads of laundry at the laundry mat on Wednesday.

Maybe I'll get the girls to work on the playroom when they get home from school.

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