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Medical Collections

Guest Lynn

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13 Lynn // Dec 22, 2008 at 12:38 pm

I had about $1,000 in Medical bills (ironically, owed to a non-profit hospital!) turned over to a collection agency.

The hospital told me that this was a “good option” for me, because I could not pay the balance off in 6 months or less. But the collection agency would have better options available. Sure they would!

I had a VERYbad experience with the same agency in the past. They garnished MY wages, because my husband at the time did not pay his bills, and was not working. While they did supposedly leave two court summons at my house, the fact that I never saw them means nothing. (I would have been in court, with BELLS ON, had I known!) Apparently, this is legal in the state of CO.

So, although I am paying what I can, I was sent a letter, threatening to take me to court. Which would mean my wages would be garnished, and I would be in even more dire straghts. (Last time, they got 30% of my take home- can ANYONE survive with that kind of loss?)

Hasn’t the hospital, in all likelyhood, already used these bills in their loss statement for that year, for a tax break? Can the hospital hand this over/sell the debt to a collection agency, against my wishes? (I have seen some info that this is NOT legal?). I tild them that I did not EVER want to have to deal with this agency again.

Because of my Ex, I have filed bankruptcy. I am trying, so hard, to improve my credit rating. These bills are not helping me. I am not happy about my financial situation. I cannot, at this point, even imagine what it would be like to have my ends meet. Ironically, I have a good job. Marrying the wrong guy - that I will be punished for forever! Dont get me started on marital property laws! They have been made punitive - not the intent, but what has been done.

Is there anything I can do about these debts? This collection agency? I did actually find the name of the hospitals CEO, and the CEO of the agency. (I got a little help in the past by going higher up in the company). They know where I work - I have worked there since I moved here. They know where I live; they have my phone number.

I am tired of living in fear.


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The first thing you want to do is to give up the fear. As long as you stay in control of the situation, you'll be okay.

The first thing you will want to do is to send a sob story/settlement offer to a higher up at the hospital. Ask them to pull it back from collections and explain that you'll pay xx per month until the debt is resolved. Then wait to see how they respond.

If they refuse your offer and keep it with the CA, then send the same letter to the CA. Include in the letter how you want the debt to appear on your credit report after the debt is paid (deletion, paid/never late, etc).

Try this and see what happens. But again, don't worry. All you can do is...all you can do. Just stay in control of the process and you'll feel a bit more empowered.

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swirlgirl is right, relax do what you can, remember there is no debters prison. To ad to the possible options you might try a BBB complaint, I would think a non-profit would want to sweep that one from the public eye maybe even a sob story to a local news media. Be surprised how quick they recant.

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