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Questions about summons


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I rec'd a summons today, from Mann Bracken. It was left in my mailbox. I thought that was illegal.

I checked the court docket, and sure enough, I am scheduled on Jan 14 at 8:30 am. The summons I rec'd does not have any questions on it for me to answer. Do I need to do anything now, or just show up in court that day?

I sent a debt verification/validation letter via certified mail about a week after I rec'd the first - and only - letter from Mann Bracken. I asked them to respond within 30 days. They didn't. Around the 30th day, I called their office to see why they didn't send the verification. I talked to a "legal assistant" who checked my file and said I was "certainly entitled to the information I requested". He said he would check with one of the attorneys ("none are available right now") and call me back. I never heard back from them.

That was about two months ago. Last week, I rec'd a summons by mail that looked fishy. Today I came home to find one in my mailbox.

The summons includes:

Warrant in Debt

Affidavit in Support of Judgment (which looks like a bunch of BS IMO)

Discover Account agreement (photocopy...not signed by me)

They also included a page that has a "media number" at the top, that says "provider: Discover card". It says "charge-off amount: $9693.39 (almost 2k higher than my last statement).

They have not provided any statements or anything signed by me. Also, the summons says the Plaintiff is Discover...but doesn't Mann Bracken buy debts from the original creditor? Do they sometimes just represent the cc company?

I found a local attorney on the consumer advocacy website...I am going to call him tomorrow.

Right now my main concerns are:

1) Do I have to respond to this summons, or do I just show up in court?

2) Did Mann Bracken buy this debt, or are they representing Discover? I am concerned that they may not have to provide validation.

3) Since they have not provided validation, does that mean they likely cannot, or are they just holding out to hit me with it in court?

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