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You foget a lot over the years.. Cavalry, old repo, timely dispute with last ca


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I've been out of the game for a while.. Wife to be and I where looking in to a home loan. Of course, they all piled on to her..

8/06 chrysler repo's car. sends NOTHING

11/07 CA #1 located in texas sends dunning letter

11/07 timely (it's TX, but it was under 30 days) dispute sent.

11/07-11-08 nothing happens

12/08 3 inq's show up from cavalry

12/21/08 New TL shows up for amount of deficentcy plus "fees"

No dunning letter received from Cavalry. However, since the debt was disputed with the first CA and never validated, it's still disputed correctly? What is my plan of attack?

Here is my rough draft so far..

Recently I checked my credit reports and was shocked to see your company listed. I am treating this as first contact as I have not received anything in the mail from you at the above address.

At this time I dispute this debt.

I also should bring to your attention that this debt was originally assigned to Big Nasty CA in Huston TX. When the dunning letter was received a timely dispute was also filed with them via certified mail (included with this letter). This account has NEVER been validated. As this time I demand you honor the original dispute of this debt and remove any and all trade lines and inquiries on my reports.

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