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Wrong information on Credit Files


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I pulled my credit the other day and was looking it over and noticed that I have 18 different Names and they are saying that i have reported under5 differnt SS numbers. How can this be? I have 1 name, and 1 SS number. How do I fix this.

I am worried for several reasons:

1) maybe somebody was trying to commit fraud.

2) Credit report doesn't show who reported that information. so I don't know who to contact.

3) and I have Crud on my report that is supposed to be on there until 2014.

I hate Credit reports and Credit agencies Why didn't they offer credit 101 in High school.

Oh thats right they thought Spanish was more important. HA I have never needed Spanish but i have always needed my credit. The ASSHOLES.... Sorry pardon my language.

Please somebody HELP ME!!!!

Current Scores

TU - 450

EQF - 450

EXP - 450

yeah me I'm the BIGGEST LOOSER:cry:

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This post has 33 views and not one response?

The first thing you need to do is dispute all the names, addresses and SSN's that are not yours. You can do online disputes with the CRA's, but for this I would have to say do it by certified mail. They may ask for proof of ID. After all the inaccurate identity, SSN, and address info is removed, you should see an initial score increase if there are negative items attached to them.

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