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Lawyer cost question.

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So, I am curious.

Say for instance, you found a lawyer wthat will take a case on contingency, but you still pay the court/filing cost up front. Lawyer and client agree on 35% that the lawyer gets. Does that include the cost of the initial filing fee?

Example (just made up numbers):

filing fee cost: 500

settlement amount: 5000 (that inlcudes reimbursing the 500 filing fee)

Now, does the lawyer get 35% of the filing cost too? ie: 35% of the full 5000?

or does the 500 come out of the settlement, so it would be 35% of 4500?

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It is customary that the client pays all of the court costs, such as filing fee, process server fee, etc.

Usually, the contingency fee lawyer takes his or her cut off the top of what is recovered. Off of the gross, in other words. If the lawyer advanced the court costs, the lawyer still takes it off the top, then recoups the costs, and whatever is left goes to the client.

But it is all governed by the attorney fee agreement, which can vary according to what the lawyer and client have agreed upon.

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