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Can CA's get your info through Facebook?

Is facebook safe?  

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I was thinking of joining facebook but wasn't sure if it is a 100% safe site. I heard CA's troll all those type of sites. I am not sure now how safe it is not only from CA's but weirdos too.:lol: I don't want just anyone seeing all my personal info or having weirdo's contact me.

Then you should stay off it. The more you expose yourself to an opportunity, the more likely you are to have it happen. My nieces and nephews are not allowed to have Facebook or Myspace profiles.

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Thanks for the insight. I just was not sure what people can see and not see. I have quite a few people that ask me to join it. They are friends and family though. But it does seem like you are exposing yourself I guess.On the other hand sometimes I think it would be nice to find lost friends. I just don't want weirdos or CA's bugging me and looking up personal info so maybe it is best to stay away from it.

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For facebook it depends on how you set it up. You can controll who can see your profile.

For me only people on 'friends list' can see my profile, and even with that I only have certain information avaible to them.

For 'friends of friends' I will show up in search results but they will not be able to see anything on my profile.

For everyone else I won't even show up in search results if you look for me...

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This was very informing. I didn't know you could do all that stuff!

One question do you ever get bothered by anyone weird or heard of CA's grasping your info?

One more question, sorry. Can you see who is looking at your info or know their location?

I've never been bothered by a CA. Nobody weird has ever bothered me, because again I won't turn up in search results (basically the way my profile is set up I have to add you as friend before you can even send me a message)

As far as I know there is now way to tell who looked at your info or where they are from...but again its not an issue if you have your info 'blocked' from people that aren't your friends.

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It is what it is. If your smart in setting up your profile and what you put up you'll be fine.

If your stupid about it (some people have 'open' profiles that allow everyone to see and post their phone #, address, where they work, drug references, etc) your're just asking for a stalker or worse.

Be smart about it and it can be fun and enjoyable.

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I'm sure you already received your information about Facebook, but I have been on it for over 2 years now, and I enjoy it a lot more than MySpace.

Facebook seems more controlled and user friendly. Plus, I like the option of only allowing certain people to view my profile. You can set it up to only allow your friends to view any information you decide to post on FB.

Enjoy it though as the other posters mentioned. It's safe if you use it correctly, and don't put up anything you wouldn't want others to see :)

...no CA's or weirdos have contacted me. Hope ya make a profile :)! Good way to keep in touch with everyone and some of the applications are a lot of fun to use! :)

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