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I posted recently with questions re: discovery. I am doing that now (only have a few days left).

I am giving a copy of our discovery to the court to file, but do I need to also file a copy of their disovery with my responses with the court?

Do I need to do a certificate of service for both my responses and my discovery requests to them?

After being Pro se, how can I let them know now that I reserve the right to retain counsel? Is it too late? Can I do it along with discovery?

Bonus points for someone who can tell me how to open a document I saved @ home on Microsoft Works word processor, that I can't open now on a Word equipped computer?


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I think you need to study your rules of civil procedure if you intend to do this yourself. Anything you send to the plaintiff that you want the court to know you sent to plaintiff, should be accompanied by a certificate of service filed with the court.

In some jurisdictions the answer to a complaint must be served by process, some not. Your RCP will give you many answers to these questions. If discovery questions should be filed or not is one of these. You should be able to retain council at any time, you may have to file notice of withdrawal with the court as your attorney, again your RCP should have the answers.

You may have to send the document to yourself in an e-mail to get it off your computer and onto a "neutral" server you can access from the one you're on now, if they're not networked.

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