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Debt negotiation


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Good morning everyone!

I have a question. I have 3 accounts on my credit that I would like to clear up by April, in order for it to be a smooth transition moving to a new apartment. I have two apartment complexes that I owe that have went to collections. One is about $500 the other is about $700. I also have a collection account on $500 owed to our gas company. I wanted to know what is the best way to handle. I would like to negotiate these debts with the debt collectors to come to a lower settlement. What is the best way to handle this? Is this something that should be done in writing? Is there actual things verbatim I should say so that it is notated as paid in full on my credit report? Please help.



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I noticed that your post has been read many times, but you haven't gotten any responses. Unfortunately, this is probably because the information you are seeking is readily available on this website via articles and previously asked questions in the forums. I'd suggest you start by reading the site's column on debt settlement, which is very good and appears to address your issues. Here is the link:


After you have read that, I'd suggest you review the posts under the "Debt Settlement" section of the forums. There are threads with tips, and chances are, your question has probably been asked and answered there.

If you still have questions, you might consider using the search tool on the forums, which will bring up posts using a keyword search.

If after searching you still have not found the answers you seek, I would then post your specific question on the forum. When you do decide to post a question, it will be beneficial to you to post it under the forum section that most closely matches your issue. For instance, this post of yours addresses settling debts you have, however, instead of posting it under "Debt Settlement" section of the forums, you posted it under the "Credit Repair" section.

I wish you well with your efforts, and I hope this information helps you find the answers you are looking for.

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