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Can a former Creditor still use AR?

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once the OC charges off a account can the OC still pull your report for account reviews? do they have permissible purpose to review your repots to see if you still meet the account standards? once anaccount is charged off the business relationship is terminated right?

merrick bank has been pulling my TU report every quarter after the charge off date 01/2007 8 times they pulled my report .

so can i sue merrick bank for violation of Section 604(a)(3)(F) of the FCRA and invasion of privacy?

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My understanding is that 'charge off' is an accounting procedure, whereby the debt is considered 'bad' and is used amongst other things to reduce taxes. It does not mean that the debt is no longer in the possession of the OC. Cap 1 'charged off' my account, but still claims to hold it and is trying to collect on it. Whether or not they are lying, still remains to be seen (i.e. do they still really own it)

notagain xxheartxx

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