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Need help removing a Massachusetts small claims judgment


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I'm an Arizona resident who was sued by a couple in Massachusetts through the Greenfield District Court over an Ebay transaction. When I received my summons, I responded with a motion that challenged the jurisdiction of the case. The court clerk rejected the motion and informed me that the court WILL NOT hear pre-trial motions under any circumstances.

I explained that I did not have the financial means to appear in person nor to hire an attorney that could stand in for me at trial. Unfortunately those pleas fell on deaf ears.

I feel that my rights to due process were violated. I was innocent of the plaintiff's accusations and would have gladly defended myself here in Arizona. I've never marketed to, nor done business in, Massachusetts. I never engaged this seller prior to the sale (nor they me). I posted something on Ebay and they bought it from me -- why should I have to fly out to Massachusetts on false accusations of a deal gone bad?

As it stands, there was a default judgment awarded against me and my credit rating, reputation, and financial status has suffered.

Is there anything (short of spending thousands on attorneys) that I can do?

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