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Citique goodwill letter?

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I have a Capital One Auto Finance tradeline that is showing 30 days late. The only late was the last payment, with extenuating circumstances. I am going to email some "high-ups" in hopes of getting the status changed. I dont want the TL deleted because it is a good TL for a paid loan. Anyway, here is the letter...just waiting to hit the send button.


I write you in hopes that you may be able to offer me some help regarding this account I held with your company. I recently pulled my credit report and was disappointed to find that COAF is reporting my account “30 days late”. While this may be technically accurate, I believe the circumstances surrounding the matter will demonstrate that it’s a bit unfair to report it that way. As you will see, this account was originally with KeyBank and later purchased by COAF. The maturity date of the loan was 8/18/08. The purpose of my correspondence is to see if you would be willing to make a "goodwill" adjustment on the reporting of this account to the three credit agencies.

On 8/21/08 I made what I thought was my last principle payment on this loan through the COAF website. I was aware that there were some late charges that still needed to be paid on the account. I assumed that I would continue paying monthly payments until the balance was at zero; it turns out that was not the case. Almost immediately I began receiving collection calls. I spoke with a gentleman regarding the account and he informed me that there was still a balance of $550.00 on the principle, along with the late fees. I questioned how that was possible since the loan had already matured. He looked back at the account and found some discrepancies from 2005 and told me he would have to forward the account to the “operations department” for review. He instructed me to call back the following week. He said he was noting my account and that I could speak with any CSR about it.

I called the next week and was told that the account was still in review in the operations department. In all, the account was in review for approximately 3 weeks. I called on several occasions and each time I was told that only the operations department could review my account and I would be contacted by them once my account was reviewed. On more than one occasion, I expressed my concern about the account being reported late. Finally, on or about 9//22/08, I called and spoke with a woman who informed me that my account was reviewed and the reason there was still a balance on the principle had to do with an accounting error when the account was purchased fro KeyBank. She also told me that someone would contact me to give me an accounting of the error and how I still owed a balance on the principle. To date, I have never been contacted by anyone in the COAF operations department.

During this conversation, I was also informed that once the loan matured, there were no more payments and the balance was due in full. I promptly paid the balance of the loan in full. I have attached a copy of the check here, dated 9/23/08, which posted to my COAF account on 9/24/08. Had the account been out of review before the 30 day period expired, I would have paid it sooner.

Again, while the current reporting of this account is technically accurate, I am hoping that COAF will be willing to work with me on correcting this negative mark on my credit report. I hope you will see that there were extenuating circumstances regarding this matter and be willing to change the status of my account to “paid as agreed”, rather than “30 days late”.

Your kind consideration in this matter is greatly appreciated.


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Wow! Sent the letter over after lunch. I received a call from a gentleman named William Shank by 4:30 today.

He explained why the balance was still there and said he would update the listing to paid and closed and take the 30 days late off my credit report. He verified my address and said he wouls send me a letter stating such. :)

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