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Hyundai says if you lose job return car

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I guess this deserves serious thought...if your looking for a car.

In an attempt to combat economic uncertainty among automobile buyers, Hyundai and local affiliate AutoFair Hyundai are offering a first-of-its-kind one-year guarantee return program.

Starting today, the dealer begins allowing a new-car buyer to return the vehicle in the event of "life-altering circumstances" such as layoffs, job transfers and accidental deaths up to a year after the purchase.

Says AutoFair Hyundai Chief Operating Officer Andy Crews, "It's no secret that with economic uncertainty, customers have been hesitant on car purchases. With the new Hyundai guarantee, our customers no longer have to worry about car payments when they encounter unexpected life changes, and our cars are a natural choice

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I see it as just another ploy to prop up unsustainably high automobile sales #s. Its more of the same. They'l bend over backward to get you in a car that is most likely unneeded and puts another monthly weight around your neck. But at least they reported back to their corporate headquarters that another unit is off the lot. And if you think your job or health is in question, the last thing you need is a car. Sock that money awaY!!! You'll need to eat and pay the utility bill.

Drive a beater or take public trans unless you need a shiny car for a professional job (realtor, lawyer, sales, etc.). And then when you have 50% down or more, buy a car if you really want one. Otherwise, you're killing yourself for no reason.

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