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ChaseFreedom app 15-30 day notice

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applied online in response to a pre-approved offer received in the mail for the chase freedom card. got a "will notify you within 30 days by mail" screen.

shortly afterwards, i received an email acknowledging that my application was received, along with the message "will notify you within 15-30 days by mail."

[i got the 30-day message about 6 months ago when i applied online for BofA card, and did receive a card within 2 weeks] anyone familiar with chase's 30-day by mail notice? does it auger well... or likely to be declined?

xdancex <---- me, waiting for chase freedom

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I'd guess it means only that you weren't auto approved for whatever reason. If you have an FA, they will call you and ask to verify before making a credit decision. Otherwise, I'd guess your app was queued for review. This is certainly better than being auto declined. It also doesn't mean you were approved.

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Call them up and ask to be transferred to the loan approval dept, saying that they want to verify my info.

You're probably going to get bounced around, be persistant.

When you get to that dept, they will tell you if they just need to verify some information, and in some cases, when you verify your address etc, they tell you how much you are approved for and when to expect the card.

If there is another reason, such as short credit history, too many inquiries etc, they will tell you that also.

They called me and I missed the call, so spent 30 minutes trying to get back to them, but alas, got my card.

If I find the VM or txt where I have that # I will send it to you.

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thanks for the replies - it sounds like it could go either way.

the only reason i could see that chase might not approve it is my other credit cards are fairly new [bofA 7months, macy's store & visa 6 months, and sam's club about 3 weeks--i just mailed off my first payment yesterday, in fact]

otoh, my cc util is low [about 1-2%, as i PIF each month]; the one FICO score that i know is good at 792; and my credit history is close to 20 years old [$5k overdraft protection account since the late '80's with my credit union]

i wasn't even going to apply for more credit at this time, but was 'enticed' by the chasefreedom introductory offer of 0% apr for the first 12 months [i have been planning a major purchase in the next few months that would have to be paid off over about 6 months, and i really didn't want to put it on a cc with interest, so 0% apr for 12 months would be great!]

think i'll wait it out and see what i get in the mail.

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If you have other credit cards- now is the time to transfer the balances to the no interest card!- I think you have 30 days to transfer w/o fees- check with customer serice- That's a nice card. Whats the APR after the first year?

apr on the chase freedom after the first 12 months is currently 10.49% [prime + 6.49%, so it's possible to be higher 12 months from now!]

no balances to transfer on my 2 visa's (macy's visa and BofA visa) - i use them to buy things that i would normally pay cash for (gas, lunch at a restaurant, etc), then pif at the end of the month. same with macy's store card - pif.

i recently opened a sam's club acct with a CL of $1200 to buy a $800+ laptop, but with no interest if paid within 12 months (already sent my first payment of $150). i was actually ready to write a check for the laptop and wouldn't have opened the sam's if it wasn't for the no interest for 12 months

so, my plan is to use the chase freedom within the next few months to make any larger purchases that i can pay off by the 12 month mark, and to keep the [higher apr, eg 15% and 19%!!!] visa's for smaller pif purchases.

eta: another part of my plan is NO MORE APPS!

keeping my fingers crossed that i can stick to my plan [having, i hope, learned from previous mistakes that left me without any cc's for about 8 years!!] :)

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