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Experian dispute not working

Guest Willys

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Guest Willys

Dec05, 2008 found erroneous CA on my Experian, $628. Immediate contact to Experian, the Rep acknowledged that the birth dates did NOT match. Filed a 'No Knowledge' dispute.

Jan06, 2009 sent inquiry of status. Update shows qualified for FCRA and inlcuded phone number for Collection Agency.


- I contacted CA and they confirmed no birth date match.

- I contacted Experian to advise and gave number for CA to confirm.

- They still want another 30 days to verify 'Same Name Wrong Person' update

I'm tired of their stalling. This is not my debt. My scores run near or in the 800's. All my accounts are paid in full monthly, 95% of time.

Do I have recourse to force Experian to do the right thing? As far as I'm concerned, Experian is commiting fraudulent activity.

Thanx muchos for assist.

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