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Took 22 Mos., But Orchard Gave Me a CLI

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My last baddie was in '03 + in early 07, I started to rebuild. First premier (now fired- SHREDDING that cc was F-U-N) was my ONLY option @ the time. In 3/07 (I thought it was 1/07- time flies when you're old), Orchard gave me a cc- 300 cl, atrocious AF. Eventually they gave me a 2nd cc- 300 cl, same atrocious AF. After endless calls to every orchard # re a cli, I got nada- despite using the ccs A LOT. I comboed the orchards into 1 for a whopping (ok, puny) 600 cl a few mos. ago. Again, no CLI- not even the $20 they gave everyone and their mama.

W/my AF coming up in 3/09 (I thought it was 1/09- I goofed), I decided to call orchard 1 LAST time to see if they would cli me. @ first, I got the usual this is a rebuilder cc, the economy is bad, clis require a FEE, we review accts periodically (they've NEVER looked @ MINE in 22 mos.), it will be a HARD pull, blah blah speech that I had heard bazillion times. Finally I decided to get a little more aggressive (after laughing @ the cli offer of a HARD pull AND FEE) + said I want the acct CLOSED NOW. rep said hold on, gave me a speech about how orchard loves me, closing would cost me age (lol right liar) blah blah + asked me to hold. He then came back w/this offer-

200 cli but NO INQ

20 fee for cli will be WAIVED

AF will be sliced by 50%

I think 200 cli is a little pathetic, but hey, @ least it is something.

Is there much benefit (fico wise) for keeping orchard open for year #3? other ccs I have-

cap 1x2 (1.1k cl ea.)

bb hsbc mc (650 cl)

hooters (500 cl)

BA 99/500 (will UNSECURE in 3 more statements yay)

target red 200

ficos are in the mid-high 600s. all ccs above were opened in early-mid '08.

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