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Got a green card back over the weekend

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From TU. Still waiting for the one from EX to come back. I knew I'd get TU's first because I live two counties over from them.

The letters I sent were basically asking them to remove old and way outdated personal information. Some of my addresses were over 15 years old. I did send proof of ID and current address (a current utility bill) along with the letters.

Guess now I wait for 30 days to hear back from TU and EX about the personal information.

Still trying to figure out how to talk to a human being at EQ so that I can get my CR from them. I was denied a free one because their website stated that I have already received one in the last year. That didn't happen. I've never requested from EQ so I'm highly annoyed about this.

Anyway, If anyone has a number that I could actually talk to a human and NOT an automated crap process where I have to pay for the report, please pass the number along.

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