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A good sign or not?

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It depends...

Are you past the SOL ?

What evidence was attached to the summons or sent to you?

Read my post from last night IF YOUR BEING SUED READ THIS.

Do you have any FDCPA violations ?

Slam dunks are not always slam dunks. I had a judge once that said the FCRA violations need to be heard in a higher court and ruled against me. He was dead wrong, but what can you do?

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Going through discovery now. The attorney for JDB now is sending letter offering settlement opportunity - the case will be dismissed and reported 'paid- less than full amount'.

How should I interpret this?

I'm going to let this play out' date=' however.

Thank you.[/quote']

Interpret it as staying on your credit report for 7 years.

I thought the standard forum rule was NEVER pay where JDBs are concerned.

By the way, the Pay For Delete is never a guarantee. My wife made that agreement with TWO CAs (prior to our being married so I could not stop her) and they never did the "delete" part but they sure took her money. Foolishly, she agreed to it over the phone. Since then, I have educated her from this website.

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