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Asset been hounding me for old MBNA acct. I had requested validation long time ago. They sent a bunch of crap. Supposedly they bought this account from CACH/Collect America. They sent me some list of accts they bought from CACH and my name is listed on it with an acct number and balance. They also sent a copy of one page of an old statement from MBNA with a balance forward on it. The account number on the MBNA acct statement is not the same as they are listing as the original acct number. When questioned...they claim the acct changed.

I ignore them cuz frankly they havent supplied anything that looks like it would hold up in court.

Now they file a claim with NAF. I am going to respond and ask for a participatory hearing. So I need some help here please if anyone has dealt with them on an NAF claim. First of all in their claim to NAF...they are claiming they purchased this acct directly from MBNA. They didnt. They bought it from CACH. So that statement is false.

I remember reading somewhere that submitting a list of so called 'purchased accts' only showing names and acct numbers was not sufficient proof of anything legal. Wont they have to provide a chain of custody of this account?

Can anyone help? Thanks much

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Have you gone to the NAF website? They have forms that you can fill out and response to the "suit". I'd follow the process exactly. You will probably lose arbitration, but it won't be turned into anything with teeth until they turn the arbitration award into a judgment.

You will be notified of the court date and it's at this time that you can argue your case that you followed all the rules, and why the evidence they presented at arbitration wasn't enough for this to be turned into a judgment. You'll be able to present yourself as upstanding citizen was railroaded to the judge.

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