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Bragging Board, What have you paid off???


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Holding my own. Put an offer in on a home two days ago on a 3500 sq. foot newish home. They countered today and we are close to agreement (they want to take their water softener, wtf :?:). Because of sticking to my post-Chapter 7 five year plan I am now able to write a check for 20% cash down, saving me hundreds every month. Five years ago I couldn't buy a stick of gum and I had credit scores in the 400s.

Keeping on marching towards the goals with discipline.

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We just paid off the insanely priced vacuum 1800.00

I know you're right to think " what the heck were they thinking falling for the vacuum salesman" and buying the thing. :o Problem was we had a stubborn 18 year old that fell for the companies line of b.s. and she was our salesman/"person". Thought it would help her out and we could make the payments at the time, but really wasn't happy about doing so..Long story short, that payment ended up being the difference between getting the house loan and not... it raised our score enough to get in when rates were under 5%.

The rest are mostly medical (was in car accident and then all those tests found more stuff wrong unrelated and so on and so on) but we are chipping away at those slowly but surely.

Congrats to all before me xdancex:)

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Well, I have just paid off two vehicles this year.

The last few years have been difficult and I had to file BK, Ch 7 in Sept 2008. I reaffirmed my husbands car because there was only about $6500 left to pay and I paid that off last week. :):)

Also I had to buy a car for me, now it is not the nicest vehicle (SUV) on the block, and it is older, ...but it runs well and its all mine! No payments now. I had small payments for about 7 mths and was able to finish in Aug. :)

I love being able to have a savings account and emergency savings too. About 10 days ago I brought my SUV in to have the oil changed and a check up and found out I was driving on 3.5 nearly bald tires. It was great being able to buy 4 tires (on sale of course) and not have to charge it and not really worry about that $600 surprise. (I can't do that every week, but it felt good to be able to pay it without having a negative effect).

This no debt thing and paying as you go is the way to go for me! Of course, I am rebuilding credit, but the zero balance cards are my thing now.....

Who else has paid off something this year??

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Well its been awhile since I've posted anything so lets catch up, sure is nice to see everyone still at it. Since my last post the wife and I have put an emergency fund of $1000.00 in the bank, We paid off her Juniper, my Juniper and 1/3 of orchard bank. In March the income tax check will pay of the rest of orchard and my pickup truck, no automobile payments of any kind. Yeeha more money in the savings to tackle the next one.

To everyone who is paying down debt and those just starting to, its hard but the feeling of telling them to kiss off is fantastic. I actually told that to a rep from Hooters/Merrick when he couldn't understand why I wanted to close the account. They wanted to start charging $4.00 a mo. and they wanted the $48.00 upfront. Kiss off dude.

Have fun, Lefty

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