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Today I went to a place that is all across Texas..for an eye exam because I just got VSP insurance and that place accepts it.

I had my exam, but no frames suited me, so off and hunting. I happened upon a place that looked at my glasses and my prescription and noticed that the doc had decreased the reader (I wear progressive lenses) Now I had specifically requested he make that part stronger, and apparently he had decreased the reader by 50.

Needless to say I didn't even get a call back when I phoned to get an explaination, so I just called VSP and complained. I get a new exam somewhere else of course, but does anyone here have any idea why some eye doc would do such a thing...knowing I have problems reading the fine print?

Oh and I've always been prescribed those shatterproof lenses too..but he said I didn't need them, they all break, and that's just an extra expense bla bla..... And seemed seemed to think it was okay for me to get a cheaper lense too. (the one they push of course)


Ok I'm done! I'm fine now.


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No problem with venting because I had a similar problem recently with an eye doctor. My prescription is stronger which is probably good. However, I now have to pull things away from me to read fine print. I don't know what the deal is but I think that they are too strong.

About a week ago, I went for a follow up exam and I tell him about it so he writes out a new prescription but I really don't get any explanation. It is just frustrating.

And what really is VSP. We just got it at work and I wanted to use it to get prescription sunglasses but I am not what the deal is with it.

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I hate getting eye glasses too. My first problem is when I try on frames I cannot see my face to tell what they look like. So, I have to take someone's word they look good on me.

eventually I gave up on taking someone's word and went with the basic shape that goes with a round face. (my face has always been round like a ball)

The last time I went for glasses the helper was determined to help me find glasses. I picked out my frames and she then suggested I try 4 other frames. Needless to say, even blind I can see a grimace. I ended up buying the ones that I picked out to begin with.

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My oldest has been wearing glasses since she was 18 months old. When we lived in MD, she was seen at the Wilmer Eye Institute. Now that we've been in PA for nearly 12 years, she's been followed by a pediatric ophthalmologist, who specializes in diseases of the eyes. Recently, her doctor had to send a letter to our insurance company stating the "medical necessity" of transitions lenses. If you've ever priced those, you know they are quite expensive. Well, the ins. company doesn't typically cover those lenses, but since the dr. stated the medical necessity of them, the ins. co paid for them. We couldn't find frames that were within the ins. co's capped limit, so I asked if we could reuse the frames she currently has. They were able to do that and they gave me back her old lenses as back ups in case something happens so that at least I have a "spare pair".

I would check with the insurance company to see if they would cover something they normally don't, if they had a letter from the doctor stating the medical necessity. If anything, you can probably get better lenses paid for by the ins. company. If the ins. company has a capped limit on the cost of frames, normally, you can buy a more expensive (better) pair of frames and just pay the difference. I've done that with my daughter's glasses before too. Seems this time around I couldn't find a pair of frames for less than $50. Her insurance caps the price of frames at $20.

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Funny story- when I was 17 and a freshman in college I noticed that I could no longer see the board clearly. I went to a local eye doctor and then picked out a pair of glasses. A week later I receive them and when I put them on it was worse!! I called and they explained that I was just not used to wearing glasses and that it'll improve. A week after wearing them, I called again and explained that I can't see jack and its not improving. When I returned to the office, they explained that the opthamologist wrote down my prescription left-right when the prescription was supposed to be up-down. I spent two weeks wearing glasses that DOUBLED my bad vision!

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Ok Ravenous Wolf:

First off, you aren't going to get a card for them. What you can do is go to the vsp site.

(just vsp.com I think) and enter your info and find out what your benefits are.

Mine are different from my friends in that she pays 20 for her co-pay and I pay 15..

But here's a basic idea.

Frames paid up to 130 bucks.

They'll buy you frames every other year.

They 100% will pay for single, bi or tri focals.

They will pay an eye exam once a year at an in network

doc..but you can go to your own and get reimbursed most of it....the basic eye exam that is. I think they'll pay for new lenses yearly too.

No kidding Mathew... on sticking with an eye doctor. I went back to my guy yesterday. He fixed the script. And vsp is going to let me send his bill in and will give the money back to me because I was smart enough to file a complaint of the other place.

Anyway, my reader has been increased!

I also found out that our health insurance, and maybe a lot of peoples will pay for an extensive exam...where they do more tests......and we pay the regular deductible.

Now I wear Kodak progressive lenses. I'll have to pay part of that...but with vsp providers they set a limit on what can be charged.

Looks like lots of us have been through something similar.

I'll be looking at VSP providers for the actual glasses, then I'll resort to out of network. The thing is I need the large roundish frames. I HEAR YA Jackie re frames and face shape.

Oh yes indeed. My friend gets an awesome price on the contacts too.

I've always wondered if that ever happens...getting the lenses in the wrong side. Now I know it does.

Thanks for the laugh on that one jq.

OMG...what a good idea. He already wrote I need that shatterproof stuff, now I am going to ask about a letter.



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Thanks Deanna.

All is well now. I went back to Dr. P (out of network) for another exam, and got a good script. And....of course the reader has been increased like it was supposed to be!

TODAY I went to a place and found frames and ordered the glasses. What would have cost me (he said about 500) were 166. That's with the 25 dollar clip on's and the 15 dollar co-pay. This is what I am getting:

Kodak brand polycarb progressive lenses $113.

Frames 000

Clip for sunshades 25

Lens tint 20

Considering the last ones WITH a coupon and no insurance...two pair (one sun shade) cost me $754 I am very grateful.

Whomever it was that was saying something about frames.

TRY the safety ones, and ask if they have the shape you want. It took me 4 places to locate what I bought today, (and have been wearing for a few years) but it's not because they're not made, it's because everyone doesn't have them. Right now the Sarah Palin look is really popular, so that's what everyone seems to have a lot of.

Note: Something I want to share. I actually delt with the eye doc where I ordered the glasses. I was going to get the photo gray or sun transitional ones, but he told me those work great indoors or in the sun, but not well at all in the car.........hence the clip on's! I just can't afford 2 pair this time. Sniff!!!! (if ins paid I could, but they don't)


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I used to work for an eye Dr. prior to getting into mortgages. Ive dealt with VSP both as a current holder and on a regular basis due to verifying insurance coverage and what not.

The Dr. should have listened to your concern with regards to needing a higher perscription. If he/she was not going to increase it, they should have told you why. Plain and simple. Quite possibly the Dr. may have felt that during the examination you didnt appear to need it? Who knows.

In any case, glad you got what you wanted.

And yes, Ive seen people drop $1000 on a pair of regular glasses. :shock: It was usually older people, but still.

I had lasik done a few years ago and absolutley love it. Im VERY sensitive to daylight though and the sun is extremley bothersome at times. But I would do it again in a heartbeat. :)

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Believe me Morrow, I called them back to ask, and you know what? I didn't even get a return call. But decreasing..I think he must have not been paying attention to business that day. If I had filled that script I wouldn't even be able to read anymore, let alone sew, etc. :(

But I'm happy now. ...or will be in about 10 days!

My uncle had the surgury. He was very pleased!

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