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Free FICO Credit Score through MyFico.com

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MyFico.com is offering a Free Fico Credit Score to anybody who logs into their Message Board / Forum. The Credit Score is from Equifax. Details are at the following site:


At the top right in the 'Announcements' section you'll see the following:

"Free FICO scores for logged-in FICO Forums members!! If you’re not already a FICO Forums member, click Sign in and then the Sign up button to create a Forums logon. Get your Free FICO score now!"

It's available to the first 10,000 people.

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:twisted:Got mine-596

Mine was 666...a little lower than I expected, but not bad considering I was in the low to mid 500's 1 year ago. I haven't been late on anything in long while now. Aside from my mortgage, I have very little debt. I have two CC's with less than $2k limits between the two of them. I am utilizing about 70+% of my available credit. I'm sure that is probably what is killing my score.

I wish I would have found this site last year. I actuall paid a company to try to help clear up my credit. Little did I know, I could have done it myself. They weren't very successful anyway. I'm hoping to be joining the 700 club soon.xangelx

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