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Plan of attack?


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Is it better to pay down credit cards first or negotiate for settlement/deletion of medical collections? My medical collections are around $1400, but if I put the money that I would settle with them towards my credit card debt, I think that would have a greater impact than getting two collection accounts possibly deleted. I know medical collections aren't considered so much when applying for a mortgage anyway but they do effect my credit scores.

My second question is, I have a $22,000 medical bill that is not on my credit report and I am making very small payments on it. Asset Acceptance asked if I could do some sort of settlement on the debt - any kind of settlement offer would be considered. With the state of the economy and my finances being a self-employed person, what would be a very low-ball figure to offer for a settlement on that large of a debt? Or should I just keep paying what I am now since it is not affecting my credit at this point and deal with that after I get the credit cards paid down?

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