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Ross Gelfand - CA Masquerading as Attorney?

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The Law Offices of Ross Gelfand sent me a letter attempting to collect for an original creditor (???) Applied Card (aka Applied Card Bank, Cross County).

Thanks to much reading on this board, I know how to deal with the alledged claim.

Other than his own extensive chatter about himself - listings all the way from India to Mass. - there is not a lot of info on this guy. There is little on this board and others.

This guys website indicates he collects in all fifty states, but each page for individual states is on his own website and does not give one a strong impression he actually has presence there.

The only place he seems to sue people is in Georgia, his home state where he is licensed. He has been sued for fdcpa violations in other locations though and he is licensed as a CA in other states.

The guy on Debtorboards who has a Rottweiler in his signature came to the conclusion that the guy is a CA Masquerading as an attorney in states where he does not hold a law license.

I was kind of wondering myself. Anybody have any info on this guy and his modus operendai?

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chances are he is.

It's not unusual for an attorney to also hold a CA license.

Thanks for the response.

As long as he follows each jurisdictions laws, it does not seem unusual for him to be licensed as an attorney in one and only a collection agency in others.

It does look like he is playing the attorney card hard in my opinion. The letter he sends to jurisdictions where he is only licensed as a collection agency might lead a lot of folks to believe a lawsuit is looming when the reaility is he is going to have to engage an attorney in their jurisdiction like any other collection agency.

Anyway, I was just fishing to see if anyone has had any experiences with this outfit. They are not like NCO or midland where you can find more than you ever want to read.

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