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CareFirst - Will they cover a surgery in Germany?

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I have a Sports Hernia from Player soccer/football. It happened April 2007 and I'm still not 100%. Now my core is weak and I have some sort of imbalance and my pelvic is twisted. I found Dr. Meyers who did Donovan McNabb's (Philadelphia Eagles) surgery, but there are a lot of problems with Mesh, which is his method. The best and Dr. is in Munich Germany who has done over 14,000 surgeries. Its been 20 months and I have yet to see a doctor that has even mentioned a Sport Hernia, let alone how what one is. I've had more success researching this on the web for 2 weeks they any doctor I've seen, hence diagnosed my self. I'm sick of seeing doctor after doctor. Is there a way I and convince CareFirst to cover this surgery? I haven't spoken to them yet, but I'm sure they would not normally consider this. The Surgery is not expensive, but it is when its out of pocket. The cost is $4500, just for the doctor, then airfare , hotel + expenses - people end of sending roughly $7,000 for this surgery, but say its well worth it. I just thought CareFirst would be interested if they realized that none of the doctors here are getting me better.

Does anyone know what I can do or been in a similar situation?

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