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Good news for Ohio residents


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Looks like the homestead exemption has been raised to $20K

Posted On: September 24, 2008

Ohio Senate Bill 281: Increased Exemptions a Welcome Change

Ohio Senate Bill 281 (“SB 281”) will become law in Ohio on September 30, 2008. This is good news for those in Ohio seeking bankruptcy protection. The most important aspect of SB 281 is that it increases several exemptions available to those filing for bankruptcy. What this means is that SB 281 increases the dollar value of certain property that an Ohio resident filing for bankruptcy may exempt from their creditors. Two of the most significant changes are large increases to the primary residence and automobile exemptions:

The exemption for the debtor’s property used as their primary residence increases from $5,000 (current law) to $20,200 (under SB 281).

The exemption for one automobile increases from $1,000 (current law) to $3,225 (under SB 281).

Ohio Senate Bill 281 also includes other increases to exemptions for recoveries for personal injuries, household items and more. If you are considering bankruptcy, you should contact an attorney to learn more about Senate Bill 281 and how it could help you keep more of your assets in bankruptcy.


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