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FTC Targets Credit Repair Scams - i3 Solutions, SOS, Gene Schwalen


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I am a newbie here, but since I made some credit repair mistakes, i wanted to post a warning about 36 companies that the FTC is pursuing.

I wish i knew about this information before.... :roll:


I won't get the gory details, but rather will post the info...in hopes that having it out on the internet will save folks the heartache and expense that i am feeling.

My apologies if I broke the rules by posting this...but I thought it is important for folks to be able to read about the FTC going after these 36 companies.



i foudn this on the web, and it sums it all up about just one company...but there are 35 more in that .PDF file....

I3 SOLUTIONS INC, GENE SCHWALEN: Cease & Desist issued to i3 Solutions, Inc., Texas (Gene Schwalen, CEO), by NC Attorney General.

Item 1. N Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper issues Cease and desist letter to i3 Solutions (McKinney, Texas) on March 6, 2008.

Item 2. Federal Trade Commission 'Operation Clean Sweep' crackdown on credit repair companies.

Item 3. NC Attorney General demanded following companies stop charging consumers upfront fees for credit repair in violation of state law: I3 Solutions, Inc., McKinney; Texas, et al.

Item 4. http://www.ftc.gov/os/2008/10/081023sweeplist.pdf

Item 5. Noelle Talley, NC Public Information Officer 919-716-6484.

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