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Diversified Collections, Greensburg, PA


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Need some help here, I have a collection with diversified totaling $120.

I'm gearing up to buy the house from my landlord I've been staying in for a few years now. We are on really good terms, they like me as a tenant and I've been taking care of their home. However, there getting to that age and the house will be sold whether its to me or not. Hence, I've been taking a second swipe at clearing out my credit.

Diversified verified this debt about a year ago. I've sent them two offers to pay 100%! as long as they deleted. I can't see a "paid" TL making much of a difference on my mortgage; I can however see it making a difference if its entirely gone. They never responded however, I sent certified again, still no response. I broke down and figured I'd try calling. I got an an account manager who stated it was "company policy" to not erase TLs. We all know its possible to delete it.

I tried to reason by saying I'm offering 100% of the collection amount as opposed to some type of settlement offer which is the norm, why not erase it? She responded that the debt would not be reduced either.

Seems strange to me over $120. Not like there going to sue me over it. So I told her to have fun and hung up. I mean, how many people call offering 100%! They should be all over me!

What should I do about this specific collection?

Can anyone offer up any advice as far as talking to banks about these entries on my CR?

Should I just write up an explanation letter, make a copy of the PFD I sent diversified to show the banks and never contact diversified again so they hit SOL? (7 yrs it'll be gone, right?)

Any advice is appreciated,

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Medical debt from "Allegheny medical Practice"

For a medical debt, contact the OC, explain that this somehow slipped past you and that you want to pay it immediately. Then ask if they will pull it back from collections or give you a letter stating that the debt should be deleted. Whatever happens, get it in writing.

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