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I need your thoughts on getting rid of this last EQ tradeline...unbelievable within!


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Here is the story. Trust me, it makes good reading.

During the year 2004, I had a vehicle repossesed that I purchased via a loan from a credit union back in Florida.

Times were horrific back then. My loan was about $1900, but I couldn't pay it due to low income and having to pay out "child" support simultaneously.

They repossed the vehicle and sued me in General District Court in Florida.

Around that time, I moved to Virginia to get my life together and they dropped their suit.

Using tips on this board (I am an old soul with a new name for privacy purposes) I drastically cleared up my credit report to the best of my ability.

The credit union then decided that they were going to not only populate my credit report with a derogatory tradeline for the repo, but add a SECOND tradeline for the credit union opening fee of $50.

I tried my best to hand them the $50 to get that tradeline removed on my terms, but they refused.

As I got better and better at this, I decided to file suit in small claims court here in Virginia against the Credit Union for really trashing my credit report with respect to each tradeline. To make it simple, they decided to settle and removed the repo tradeline and I got the CRA's to remove the $50 over time.

I tried to make the Credit Union hold me harmless over the repo as a condition of their settlement but they refused to do so. I figured I would take my chances and see if they sued me.

Well they did!

It must have cost them alot more than the car was worth in the first place to sue me up here in the boonies, but the Credit Union has been very obsessed with revenge. (I say this because at one point the Credit Union was actually making up fake Credit Union names and phone numbers just to wreck my credit...I got that stuff removed though).

The great part about their spending money up here to sue me was that they LOST! To make it even better, I had prepaid legal so I hired counsel and it didn't cost me a dime!

As revenge, they have now farmed out a collection agency for their $50 and trashed my credit report again!

I have DV'd the CA and they fell silent. I could easily hit the CA for FDCPA violations, but the Credit Union will just keep on moving from collection agency to collection agency and trashing my report.

Equifax just keeps verifying that it belongs to me, whereas TU deleted it for me over the phone with some arm twisting.

I am not use to this. EQ is usually the easy one to break. Not this time!

I have a few angles that I think will work on EQ (I want to silently get this removed without the Credit Union knowing or they will simply repopulate time and time again).

...but I want to hear any ideas that you might have!


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If you have all of your documentation to prove that you won and copies of your old CR's then I would suggest sending the Credit Union an ITS letter. There is a good article on the main CIC site that you can look at to see what the violations are (and the law that applies to each) for a creditor who maliciously harms your credit. You can sue them based on those violations. Put all that in your letter and take them to the cleaners. Be sure you CMRRR, as you already know.

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OMG is right, if you have documentation and things happened the way you said they did (and I have no reason to believe they didn't) then it looks like you have a pretty good cause of action.

To me, it sounds like you might have someone at that credit union that has it out for you, maybe a friend of your ex?

Some credit unions are very small and it would not be impossible for just one person there to be able to do all of that.

Not only is what they did illegal, I can almost guaranty you that if it is one vindictive person at that credit union they have also violated a host of internal policies that might make it easy to get them fired, especially if they dig through their own internal records and discover the same person had their initials all over this one from beginning to end.

In small places, that kind of thing happens more often than you would think.

That credit union might have a lot more liability than you might imagine, but you will not find out unless you start digging.

At this point, I'd have a good long talk with your attorney.

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