QUESTION...CRA's response deadline 1/27/09

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Hello everyone. I sent my despute letters to all 3 CRA's on 12/27/08 and I received responses from TU and Equifax on 01/10 requesting proof it was me sending the desputes.

I mailed verification to them on 01/13. The letters they sent me did say before they can send me the results they needed proof it was me.

What should I do if I do not receive responses by their deadline. The CRA's never said it was going to take more time.

What should my next step be???? I thought they only have 30 days to respond or they need to remove the desputed items. And they have to advise me in writting 5 business days if they reinpute it back on my report.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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You fell for the oldest stall tactic. You gave the CRAs additional time to complete the investigation because you supplied additional evidence related to your disputes.

Usually you should wait until the investigation period is over to send anything or you risk extending the investigation deadline.

They have 30 days if you are disputing out of a report you paid for. Otherwise, if you got your free credit report, they have 45 days.

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