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Awful Sign of the Times

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Man Kills His Wife and 5 Children


LOS ANGELES — A man shot and killed his wife and five young children — including two sets of twins — before taking his own life Tuesday, possibly out of despair from losing a job, the authorities said.


The letter said the man and his wife worked as medical technicians at a Kaiser Permanente hospital in Los Angeles, and had recently lost his job after a dispute with an administrator, the station reported.

The administrator, the letter said, had asked them on an unspecified day why they had come to work, and then added, “you should have blown your brains out.”

Two days after the confrontation, the letter said, they lost their jobs and began planning their deaths and that of their children.

“Why leave the children to a stranger?” the man said his wife had asked. “So, here we are,” he wrote, according to the station.


On any of several levels, I just feel ugh. Killing his family out of despair and suddenly, while horrific, I find the planning of it even worse. And, if the wife was involved and complicit as well, double ugh.

I don't care what the future holds, if it were me I'd sooner cap the administrator than my family. Or better yet, find an ambulance chasing attorney and sue Kaiser and the administrator.

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I don't get it why is it a sign up the times it seems like something sick and evil.

I come from a very very religous background and whenever my family sees something very horrible they always say, "It's just signs of the time." The time they are referring to is the "Tribulation" period of our earth. It's when man is ruling and when evil runs rampant. Things keep getting worse and worse until the Rapture occurs and then the really bad things begin. I'm not going to go into it all because I realize that I sound like a complete nut job to some of ya'll. :lol:

I guess some people who are non religous would use that term to describe that the end of the world is near.

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