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Applied Canceling my card

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Is there anything I can do about Applied canceling my card due to a foreign address? I moved to the Virgin Islands 2 years ago and they canceled it then, but when I called they re-instated after I explained we are US territory, blah blah blah. They canceled me again after that and I asked that a note be placed on my account since I was assured the system is automatically kicking me out once I have no balance due but it's just a glitch.

Well I did it again I paid my balance in full and they canceled my card, and notified me that it won't be re-opened unless I move back to 1 of the 50 states.

Which would then cost me $60 to re-open.

I do have a US address that can be used, but on a $600 limit with Applied is it worth it to re-open or just count my losses now? The card was opened in 2005 and is one of my longest cards.

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