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Tax question of my own

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Just throwing this out there to anyone who may know- I'm preparing a summary for my accountant so he can put together my Schedule D. I received a $1657 capital gain distribution from an ultrashort fund I held in December '08. Clearly its STCG. However, on my 1099-DIV Scottrade reported it to the IRS as an ordinary dividend. Any reason why they would do this? If a dividend, then I owe over $400 of tax on it. It is STCG, then its written off against STCL and I owe nothing. Which is it? ProShares claims its cap gain, Scottrade claims its dividend. :evil:

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I am talking for the mister who is the schedule D preparer in this house. He is sitting next to me, eating. He says:

"Question: How was it coded on your daily transaction listing when it was actually distributed? What did Scottrade call it in your transaction log?

I use GainsKeeper to prepare my own schedule D and I key in transactions where they belong based on what they are, as they happen, not by what the 1099 says they are. If you know what it is and you can back it up, you have nothing to worry about. If you get audited, you can argue with the IRS. Make sure you can back it up by having a piece of paper showing that it's short term capital gains, not a dividend.

It's a lot easier to document it when it's fresh in your mind than 9 months later, if/when you get audited."

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I love Gainskeeper. It wasn't a transaction, so Gainskeeper doesn't track it. My account history states, "PROSHARES TRUST ULT SHRT REAL EST CAP GAIN ON 363 SHARES = $1657.66".

I think I found the answer- not the one I was looking for. REITs are required t distribute all cap gain at the end of the year. It is reported as Dividend Income. Therefore, I can't offset it. What a crappy IRS ruling....:?



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