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Judgment Lien and Married filing Jointly


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Hi everybody,

I notice that me and my wife qualify for the new House credit for thosewho purchased a first time new residence as given by the government. She informed me that she had owed a college she attended $3000 and the college is trying to get a judgment against her on this. She told me the reason she didn't want to file jointly is because since we just got a new place,they would try to put a lien on our new hom to collect money.

Is this true? I mean she got this loan through the college before we even knew each other.

Secondly she told me that if we got a refund they would try to take it to pay this debt through court.

This sounds plausible but I personally don't think this is true. Does anybody know about this?

I mean even if they get a judgment to try and put a lien on the house, it is in my name only and just because we're married and would be filing jointly doesn't make the house hers I would assume.

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