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Sudden Appearance of old item

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I have pulled all of my wife's credit reports one year ago. I pulled them again this weekend and there is a new item on TU. It is "payment after chargeoff to collection agency" from 11/2002.

She doesn't remember it. It was $166. How can that just pop up on the report after all these years?

Is there anything I can do about it?

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Thanks. I would have thought the CA should have notified us that they were reporting a negative item.

It says it was paid 11/2002, so it isn't quite obsolete. But since we don't even know what it was.....I guess it can be disputed for another reason.

I'm assuming it was paid charge off or a paid collection account. The payment date doesn't matter. What matter is the date of first deliquency. I would assume the account first went deliquent in 2001 and then paid in 2002. I would try "obsolote" first to see what happens.

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That's a good point. I have no idea when the first delinquency might have been.

Actually, I disputed one last year with TU without giving any reason other than "I detected an error in this account." I got a letter back from TU that said "Verification documents not available" and they deleted it.

Guess you don't always have to provide a specific reason for the dispute.

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