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Hooo-Wheeee, CLI for me!

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A few weeks ago I bought some mugs and a combo back of cookie sheet, muffin tin, loaf pan, and cake pans from Bloomies. Total bill: $65.

I did this because I got the card last summer and only bought a pillowcase with it then (about $10 on sale.) I wanted to keep the card active and while I needed a cookie sheet, I couldn't help going for a set which was more economical per piece, and the mugs were just cute and I wanted them. So there was my buying spree.

Just now went over the statements listed on the webpage because I wanted to pay (more than) the whopping $5 min payment which includes a whopping $1 finance charge. (Gotta love department stores.)

Nov '08 00.00 charged, Avail credit $1000

Jan '09 00.00 charged, Avail credit $1000

Feb '09 65.06 charged, Avail credit $2434

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arrrggghhh... sorry about that, Deanna. I've made my share of credit blunders, so I know what that feels like. In fact, Macy's did the same thing to my husband so that his multi-thousand-dollar CL was cut down to $300 or something.

I'm mailing Bloomie's a check before I even get a statement because I'm so afraid I'll forget to pay on time.

Last night my husband bought a few kitchen items with his card, hoping they'll do the same for him.

And then, (DUH) I just now realized that his card IS my card. He was not approved for a Bloomie's account at all. I got an authorized user card for him, so the purchase he made was just putting $35 more on my bill. Like I said, duh on both of us.


If anyone wants to keep their Neiman Marcus account current, I looked and they still do have the Christmas cookies (hey, the sell-by date on the box is March) and it's $11! Let me know if you can't find them. I know all the searches for finding the cheapest stuff on these sites.

*I was approved for Bloomie's but hubby was not. He was approved for Saks but I was not. We were both approved for NM. He has a Macy's; I cannot get one. Is there any rhyme or reason to any of this?

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