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So I wasn't sure which forum to put this in and I apologize if this is the wrong one but here goes. I am from WI by the way.

I e-filed my taxes on Jan 27th. My federal has been accepted and they are mailing me a check on the 13th. My state had been in processing for the last week and a half which usually takes two days. I decided to call the WI DOR and find out what could possibly be taking so long. They told me that my refund was intercepted on the 28th by another state and I won't know why for 30 days! I have been researching why it would be intercepted and this is what I have come up with.

1. Back taxes- I don't have any and have never had taxes in another state anyhow.

2. Judgment against me that requires me to turn over tax refund. I have never been served a summons or had a judgment against me. Searching court cases for my name in WI is also blank.

3. Unpaid tickets- I've never received a ticket traffic or otherwise in my entire life.

4. Child Support- I have no children

I've been calling and calling the WI intercept hotline but it has now been busy for the past 4 hours. I guess what I am asking is there any other reason why they would take my refund that I am missing? I have also called the treasury line number to see if my federal is being taken and it tells me I have no debts on record.

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If another state has seized this, the only thing that arises is if you owed back taxes in that state. Your claiming that you never had any, causes me to wonder if an illegal immigrant has used your SS# for a job. This happens more times than people want to admit, but, a friend of mine who is a tax attorney fought for 3 yrs with the IRS and state when this happened to his BIL who was a cop. It was found the info was from up in Northern California.

Even if your loans are in deferment, have you called to ask if they have done this? Remember, someone could have entered the wrong info into system and they nailed your refund anyway.

If you've never lived out of state, then, I am at a loss for anything else. Why is that if this is a long lost unpaid debt, and a judgement is involved, you would have been properly served and judgement awarded in your county of residence.

Wait a minute. Do you have any child support due anywhere? This is all I can think of.

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Thanks for your reply retmar. Maybe it is something with someone obtaining my SS#.

I have two separate student loans. The first is through Great Lakes in Madison, WI and I just recently had to reapply for deferment for unemployment and it is good through June. I have the papers to prove it if that ever came up. My other loan is actually through the federal government loan program and I have a deferment and the paperwork to prove it through April. If I'm not mistaken, if I was in default on a student loan there is no way that my taxes could have gone through federal.

Like you said if it was an old debt from somewhere, I should have been served and had a judgment against me which has not happened at all.

Definitely not child support as I have no children.

I am thoroughly at a loss for words. The worst part is is that when I call the Department of Revenue they can't tell me anything other than another state has intercepted your return. They can't tell me who or why or anything until my statement arrives in the mail which could take up to 30 days. When I was talking to the DOR rep about the problem I asked her what are the most common reasons for an intercept. She told me it was for child support, court fees, or parking tickets. I definitely have none of the above. I have even tried typing my name into every state's circuit court system that has one to see if there was a case brought against me in another state without my knowledge. So far I have found none.

At this point I don't think there is much I can do. I just wanted to see if anyone on here and a few other sites could possibly have any inclination into what is happening. So far, everyone has pretty much confirmed the information that I have been able to find. I think I will just have to wait for the statement to come and see if their is validity to it and if not have to prove to the state of WI that it wasn't me. That should be one fun chore. ;-) This whole thing is just sort of a downer because I was looking forward to having a little extra cash to play with. Oh well. It will get resolved in time I suppose.

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Just to cover all angles, why not call your two loans and check if there is a problem with the deferments, such as someone entered the wrong info, like a wrong date, based on your comment of being OK until April and June.

Also, you can contact the SSA either by going to the local office or calling them. What you will ask is what total income do they show for the last few years. Match this to your state and federal returns to see if the amounts match. They should. If a variance is present, find out why. SSA has the employers name, etc. If you don't recognize the employer, there is your start as to an illegal using your SS#.

Call the IRS and do the same. Make sure your figures match theirs. Remember, the IRS and state agencies share info. If all of this does not show you the problem, use this to fight the problem when you do receive that information.

To add, it is surprising to me that the reps won't tell you anything over the phone. Did you ask for a supervisor? Try that. Just stress how important this is as it will cause you great harm if not properly resolved now.

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Guest shadow0000

The person preparing your taxes may make less than a fast-food worker. I was in a cab one day and started talking with the driver. It turned out that he had more than one profession. His other job: working during the tax season for one of the big tax return chains.For this part-time, seasonal work, he made about

$9 an hour — pretty low, to my mind, for someone doing work so closely related to your financial life. But he wasn't a certified public accountant or an enrolled agent — professionals recognized as specialists. And he didn't have to have any formal training beyond the coursework offered by the company that hired him.Firms may

have more highly trained or experienced people reviewing the work of low-paid assistants. If you want to know, you'll have to ask.

by: Joseph Anthony


IRS Problems

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Good News!! So I found out the big bad hold was a late book return 3 years ago at my undergrad University. It was for all of $25. I hadn't ever even received any information on it or anything. I mean it seems sort of frivolous to me since it was originally like a $6.50 fine that had finally made it over the $20 it takes to put a hold on your refund. Ridiculous, yes. But, at least now I can just laugh over my worries.

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