Recommendations for light and sweet wines

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I hate throwing money away for wine that tastes like transimission fluid. Not that I sample transmission fluid, but that what I imagine it must taste like. I resent anything that leaves skid marks and generally want something wussy and slightly sweet, not too dry.

The wine guru lady at the grocier recommended a lambrusco and I'm generally very happy with it.

What white and red wines, blushes etc do you suggest for a light pallet?


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My 2 recommendations are:

Chateau Elan's summer wine. It's a peach muscadine, fruity and semi sweet definately not dry.

Other LLano Estacado Sweet Red. Not dry hint of sweet.

Unfortunately they are regional wines, N GA and TX so don't know if you can get them in WA but worth a try if you can!

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Learn to make your own like I do, I own a vineyard. But you can go to a local wine supply store and buy a kit and make your own.

This way you can control the sweetness since thats how you like, and so do I.

Five gallons of home made wine will fill about 30 bottles.

If you have any questions on what supplies you need or the actual process involved in making your own im me and I will walk you through it.

Once you learn how it is easy to do and you will love making wine from all sorts of different things.

One of my personal favorites is my home made blueberry wine made from my own farm grown blue berries.

You can also use strawberries, apples, and all sorts of other things to make wine.

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I would love to make my own wine. Is it terribly time consuming? I don't have much free time these days!

When I first started drinking wine I prefered some of the sweeter ones. My favorite was Schmitt Sohne Reisling. The sweet doesn't appeal to me anymore for some reason!

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