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Credit Card Mess

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In May 2006 I placed an account with National Debt Foundation. It was for a credit card in the amount of $2600.00 with Suntrust Bank.

On Nov 7, 2006 I received a phone call from American Debt stating they had settled my account with MBNA for $1600.00. $250.00 down and $131.00 a month thereafter.

January 2007 I find a calling card from the Sherrif's office stuck to my door. I phoned and was told there was a civil suit against me by MBNA. This went to the National Arbitration forum and I lost. I was never officially served any documents. It was done verbally. In the meantime, American Debt Foundation had been helping me with these forms from the National Arbitration forum. April 2007 I received a volountary dismissal of claim without prejudice by MBNA.

In January 2008 I receive a letter from NCO stating they purchased my MBNA account and they want $3600.00. I sent them a letter with a copy of the dismissal and asked that they do not send me any more correpsondence in this regard.

Just recently I came across this letter from NCO and wondered if this had been taken care of. I needed to know for sure because I know when debts are not paid the interest can mount up and up and I could not afford to one day be facing a lawsuit for three times that much. I phoned NCO regarding this and they advised I owe $4400.00 and because I asked them not to contact me, they are not allowed to negotiate unless I send them something stating I

want to cancel the "cease and desist". I did this. I spoke with a gal from the legal department yesterday and she advised me there is no negotiating; the creditor wants paid in full. I had to remind her that NCO advised me they purcahsed my account from MBNA; she then stated she would have to talk to someone in the "purchasing" department.

Also, MBNA does not show up on my credit report.

I am unemployed and have just recently sold my house for rock bottom price and I cannot afford to pay $4400.00 but I want to settle me debt. At no time did I try to get out paying this, but I thought this was all taken care of when I received the dismissal from MBNA. Now it is coming back to bite me and I have no idea what to do or where to turn. I want to get this monkey off my back and move on.

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