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Another Midland Funding LL Sued Please Help to Answer Summons


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1) Midland Funding LLC - Repossed Auto Loan

2) $7,957 Including Interest, Court Costs & Lawyer Fees

3) Original Creditor - Wells Fargo Auto Loan

4) I received the summons

5) A court server served papers no Sheriff it was taped to the door.

6) They did contact my mother the lawyer being very nasty to her on the phone.

7) Miami Florida

8) October 2005 - The Reposseion plus the towing Fees what not paid was the forced insurance which came after the car was picked up.

9) Case - Open

10) I have not disputed but I am in the process of disputing now. With and Agency.

11) I not request Debt Validation.

12) It does require a summons response. But no questionaire it just states that My mother and are at fault for not paying for rental installements due to contract agreeement but the car was not rented it was being purchased. They attached a copy of the sales aggreement to the summons and also Consumer Report where it states I should have been notified before the vehicle was re-sold. That never happend. And Alo a claim to the force placed insurance company done a month after the car was reposssed.

13)Attached was a copy of sales Agrrement, Consumer Report And a claim to focred placed insurance company.

14)SOL - 5 years its only 3 1/2

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