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this morning i was telling a friend about all the bull-crap at the job that i wasn't looking forward to facing today. his words were, "it's just a job". i think that to most of us, a job is really more than a's our livelihoods, medical benefits, mortgage and car payments, etc., but do the people you work with and their antics really matter? i'm thinking NO. from this day forward, it's just a job for me. my friends and family don't work here.

just venting....

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I have a job or several jobs,,,I feel work is what I make can be a drudgery or it can be fun hanging out with my friends...

Be happy your employed, not only for the benefits but for the cash...

I understand you may not feel your job is important but realize if you were not needed you would not still be employed...

Maybe you need to make new friends at work and avoid the jerks...we all have them in our lives somewhere...

Think it's not just a job it's a living and what I make of this job matters....

JMHO...hope your feeling better...:rolleyes:

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I agree - it is just a job. Gone are the days where you worked for one company til the day you retire. You'll have several jobs in your lifetime and trust me. From someone who has to deal wtih Napolean type egos, you're right. Go to work, do your job, punch out and leave it there. Jobs are not forever esp these days. Focus on the positive.

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I use to get all stressed out at work- I changed careers- suffered financial disaster for doing so- got back into my field of work and now have a better appreciation of it. But I go in for the attitude of looking out for myself. i don't let ego's at work bother me- I always laugh at the big A-holes and think- someone has to live with that jerk. In these economic times I just try to stay relevant for my field. And I NEVER complain at work- that gets old- I cross lines and help other out. If they have cutbacks- it's the complainers that will go first.

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You know, for years I could not even hold down a job because my oldest has so many medical issues. Having to tell your boss that you need to take the day off because of seeing five specialists twice a year, going to the ER at least five times a year and receiving in-home therapies 4 days a week, that doesn't exactly make me "employable". No employer is going to want an employee who can't show up or stay on the job consistently. Being a single mother is even worse. When your sole income is a monthly SSI check and Child support, you learn to appreciate what being employed is like. After almost 11 years, I finally found a job that I could do from the comfort of my home and work around my daughter's schedule.

For me, it's not just a job. It's the difference between whether I'm able to make my mortgage payments or end up back in foreclosure. I've already filed for bankruptcy in an effort to save my home once. It's not something that I ever want to go through again. I work hard and I don't have but maybe $20 at the end of the month after all the bills are paid. But I'm happy the bills are paid.

No matter how crappy my day is going or how much I get yelled at by a client, I am still grateful that I can finally earn a living. It's been a struggle for 11 years of my child's life, but I've made it through and no matter how much I may hate my job some days, I have to sit back and think about how lucky I am to have it.

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